Freight and Christine's Wedding Day About Us...

That's us to your left, Freight and Christine, on our
wedding day. We were married May 30th, 1998.

As you can tell by the whole theme of this site,
Freights major hobby is Legos. And maybe you can
tell one of my major hobbies is building websites,
although this is only my second. I hope to do more
in the future, but right now I am a release/build
engineer, which if anyone out knows what that is,
takes up a lot of my time. Hopefully, Freight
will get to be a Lego designer one of these days,
make us billions of dollars and I can build websites
all day.

We do have other hobbies: watching every Godzilla
movie ever made, collecting Godizilla figures, martial
arts films, collecting stuffed animals, running and
lifting weights.

I would appreciate it if you find anything wrong
with the site, i.e. broken links, missing pictures,
etc., you'll let me know.

Thanks! And enjoy...

Freight building his machines The Workshop...

This used to be the dining room. Now, it is
the Lego workshop and display area. Legos
are on all the chairs, cover most the table and
floors, and when I'm not around, on the computer
chair also.

Soon, the dining room will no longer be large
enough to contain all the Lego creations and
they will spread into the hall, bedroom, bathroom,

Suki, out great African Sulcata Tortoise Our Little Guy...

This is Suki, our African Spurred Thigh or Sulcata
tortoise. Suki is currently about 13 inches long
and weighs about 21 pounds. Sulcata's are the
largest continental land tortoises and the 3rd
largest tortoise species in the world. They can
grow to over 2.5 feet and the largest recorded
weighs in at 240 pounds!

Suki requires a lot of specialized care, as he
is naturally found in deserts, and we live on
the east coast of America. Suki is a captive
bred tortoise, so we cannot set him free. We
found him in a pet store trying to desperately
claw his way out of his cage. Our hearts broke
for him, so we went home, researched his species
and decided that we could give him a good home.

At some point, we'll set up a page detailing his
care, but if you have any questions, let us know!

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