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The Dark Town

Everything you are about to see is of
my own design, and the result of two
months worth of planning, design,
fabrication and hoping like hell that
it would all work.

Everything is stainless steel, which
came from a vintage fabrication shop
that has ceased to exist, but made a
lovely contribution to my craft before
it's passing. I hope all the HARDCORE
can find in within
themselves to forgive me for using
NON Lego in my creations, and
that all will enjoy these pages.

Suspension Bridge with Double Helix

After seeing a helix used in a train
layout, I had to have one. And one
became two. The Lego helix is a
prototype to get the proper pitch and
measurements. Each step is 3/8ths of an
inch or 1 brick height, the helix
stands approximately 13 inches at the
top and is about 32 inches in diameter.
There are 16 uprights with technic
bricks welded inside which support the
track at each joint. The suspension
bridge is 6 1/2 feet long, 25 inches
high and provides 13 inches of ground
clearance at its lowest point.

Bascule Bridge

I have tested the limits of Lego
motors and have achieved the
seemingly impossible. Two Lego
gear reduction motors power a gear
reduction motor house and lift the
14 lb. Bascule section to 45 degrees
in 11 1/2 minutes. The two tiny
motors lift this bridge almost
without effort controlled by a Lego
train speed controller. The
Bascule sections 4 feet long,
the counterweight tower is 2 1/2
feet long and over 2 feet tall.
The counterweight is 2 feet long,
7 inches high in the center and
should be somewhere in the 14 lb.

Vertical Lift Bridge

If you think this Bascule Bridge
was pushing it, check this out!!!
Two Lego gear reduction motors power
a similar gear reduction motor
house only the lifted section of
this bridge weights 25 lbs.!!!
The tiny motors pull 4 cables that
slowly walk the bridge up and down
the vertical towers. Now that's
balance! The ends of the bridge
roll on Lego technic wheels and
axles, the motor house is held
down with stainless steel pins
pushed through technic bricks,
and the large pulleys are from
a garage door opener. This bridge
is controlled with two Lego train
speed controllers, one per side
to achieve balance while lifting.

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