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WE WON! WE WON! Ok, maybe we shouldn't be so exited, but we ARE!
We won "Cool Lego Site of the Week"! Thanks for voting for us, we really
appreciate it. CLICK HERE to read the review of our site.

Here you'll find my Lego creations of speed and mass destruction.
Take a look at pictures and read the stories of my machines in Lego Projects.
I'm always looking for Lego parts, got any you wanna sell?
Check out what I need in the Parts Wanted.
Visit other Legomaniacs in Links. Let me know you stopped by, sign my Guestbook.
Read about the late night Legomeister and the Webmistress wife in About Us.

CURRENT PROJECT: The Dark Town (Train Layout)
The Dark Town will be approximately 15ft. x 10ft. and will be a hybrid
of Legos and artistic stainless steel work, both of my hobbies. It's
called the Dark Town because it will be a gothic, industrial, nightmare
town. It will incorporate an 11ft., 10 car bullet train; a 10ft., 10
car freight train and a monorail. There will two double coil helixes,
each about 13 inches tall and a 6 1/2ft. long, 25 inch tall suspension
bridge, which are both complete. There may be as many as four stainless
steel bridges in total, a graveyard, a cathedral, various industrial
settings and much gothic architecture. At the moment, the rest is a
mystery. Click on Current Project to see the progress!


We won Cool Lego Site of the Week! (: Sooo...I added the CLSOTW graphic
and I added a couple more Lego links, check them out! ~Christine

This site has been nominated for "Cool Lego Site of the Week!". If you
like what you see, CLICK HERE and vote for "Freights Lego Page".
Thanks! Let's see, lots has changed since the
last update: I finally added the "current project" section, the link to
it currently exists on the home page only, I need to write a script to
update the rest of the pages (I'll get to it...), I fixed a very embarassing
grammatical error my friend Steve caught and a few other cosmetic changes.
As usual, if you see anything out of whack, let me know. ~ Christine

Happy St. Patricks Day! And Happy Birthday MOM! I finally got around to
making this site Netscape friendly, so enjoy on both browsers. In
addition, I added more to the links page and added a little formatting
to this page.

***FOR NOW, PLEASE use Internet Explorer, I'm having some strange problems
with Netscape that I did not see on my machine...Hope to fix it soon!
Freight found some bugs, so I fixed them... We're still getting hit with
lotsa snow out here in the Northeast... It'd be lovely if I did not have
to work tomorrow...

It's 11:54 and this site is about to go live. We've been working on it
for so long now, I'm amazed it's ready. Please let us know if anything
is broken.