Lego Links
Here are some Lego related
sites that I visit often.

Official Lego Web Site.
go here for all the
official news!

New England LEGO Users Group
The New England LEGO Users Group

The Lego Users Group Network

a great place
to go Lego shopping.

a gallery of pictures
and scans of instruction books.

another great place
to go Lego shopping.

lego listings at Ebay.

DYA Shopping.
yet another place
top go Lego shopping.

Dark Gundams.
fantastic robots.
German site.
I don't read German,
but lots of great pictures!

Lego Trucks.
and construction machinery.
great models.

Mladens Lego Creations.
awesome futuristic creations.

Brad's Lego Hobby.
fantastic buildings and cities.

Another "Lego Trucks".
more great trucks!

Lego Construction Site.
A real Lego engineer, great creations!

The St. Lego Fire Department.
Fantastic fire department!

Other Links
Other cool sites
we visit often.

Kaitlyn's Closet.
my 8 year old sisters
personal web site.
a great place to get
information on reptiles.

Tortoise Country.
see pictures of and
learn about many species
of tortoises.

Tortoise Aid.
these incredibly kind people
help protect and save turtles
and tortoises, help them out
if you can.

guestbooks, counters and more...

great tutorials on html,
javascript and more...

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents.
everything for the
web designer...

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