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Volvo EC 650 Face Shovel

Finally I created a design for large tracks
and the face shovel is what grew on top of
them. The tracks are 6 pegs wide, 3 inches
tall and 10 inches long per side. A true
pneumatic nightmare, this model features
4 pneumatic tanks, 4 pneumatic control
switches, 12 pneumatic pistons, 2 air pumps
and miles and miles of tubing and pneumatic
T's. I really put the Lego pneumatics to the
test and found that they are not made to
handle the weight of the boom as one of
them developed a leak soon after construction
was completed.

The weight of this model is also truly a test
of strength for the large technic turntable,
which surely was not made to handle this type
of weight. When the boom is fully folded in a
resting position, the model is 26 inches long
and 11 inches high. When the boom is at full
extension, the entire model is 26 inches tall.

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