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Devistar 9 "WASP" Destroyer

The ultimate war machine, featuring two of
the most powerful laser cannons man ever
created, mounted to a two cylinder
pneumatic scissor type lift system. The
enclosure in the center of the machine
houses a nuclear reactor for a virtually
endless power supply. Traveling over
100 mph, it has far surpassed any other
track design ever created.

This machine is the envy, and the worst
nightmare, of every countries armed
forces. Currently, there is only one
in existence, and only a select few
know of its location.

Back to reality...this war machine is
21 1/2 inches long, 9 1/2 inches tall
with the guns in their resting position,
and 2 1/2 inches center ground clearance.
The cannon lift at full extension is
12 1/2 inches high and utilizes two
pneumatic cylinders and one large
technic turntable. The lift is
capable of rotating 360 degrees and the
cannons are capable of rotating
approximately 330 degrees.

The tracks are 12 pegs wide, 15 inches
long and 3 inches high. The dual
cockpits are accessed through the center
of the roof. The pneumatic tank and
is the pneumatic control lever are
both hidden inside the center enclosure.

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